115-113 Daniel Chapter 12

115-113 Daniel Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Verse 1

During the time we see spoken of in chapter 11 verses 40-45 the little horn is rampaging throughout the world. It is at that time the Archangel Michael who is charged with watching over God’s people to protect them. Michael is one of the two angels named in the bible and his description in found in Jude 1:9. We also find Michael leading God’s army in Revelation 12:7. It is Michael’s responsibility to intervene against the evil angels and prevent them from the final misuse of God’s people.

This is the time of the final assault and it will be the end of the world as we know it. There is no future for the world apart from that which will be of the resurrected and those who have been delivered to the everlasting Kingdom. (Ezekiel 37:25-28) This is the time in which Jesus spoke of in Mark 13:19. It was a reference to the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD but also the end time when the tribulation would greater be than ever before or ever since.

This time of trouble is different than that of the destruction of the Temple that Jesus spoke of in that it would not be a local conflict but global. It is also a final conflict between good and evil and speaks of invasions and warfare brought on by Satan. This is a conflict between the people of God and the evil forces of Satan and the scripture here primarily speaks of the effects upon God’s people.

Those whose names are written in the Book of Life will be delivered. Those who have died in Christ their deliverance is by resurrection and for the living it is a full deliverance. At the end of this time of intense suffering will follow a time of intense blessing.

This is the time that the heavenly stone shall strike the statue causing it to collapse, Chapter 2:34-35 and the Son of man will come and receive His Kingdom and enter into His glory. (Chapter 7:14) This is also the time that the saints of the Most High will receive His Kingdom as well. Chapter 7:27 There are no details given for those who are the unbelievers. Neither is there mention of the millennial reign of Christ and from the Old Testament view this is the ultimate end.

Daniel would only be thinking of the forefathers and the remnant of the Jewish people who had proved faithful to the Lord God. He shows no concept of the spiritual Jews, the Church of Jesus Christ or the Jew who came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Either he was not aware or it was not part of his vision. (Galatians 6:16) The Christian is grafted into being sons of Abraham. (Galatians 3:7,29)

The Book of Life is the record of the righteous. (Malachi 3:16) This book can be in comparison with the Lamb’s Book of Life. The record of those who are chosen and redeemed by God through Christ. From this book no name can be blotted out. (Revelation 21:27)

Verse 2

This is a clear teaching of the resurrection. For those who sleep in the dust will rise and this is the hope of the righteous. Daniel’s use of the word may mean that the number of the resurrected will be without number. This gave the Israelite people great hope as death was not an end. This number include the multitudes from all nations. (Revelation 7:9)

Some of the resurrected would rise to their shame. Their bodies would be cast into the rubbish heap on the outside of the city Jerusalem were they would be burned and the maggots would ever feed upon them. This contrast is between the faithful and the unfaithful. Those who know and served the Almighty God and those who had rejected Him.

Jesus spoke of a resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous. Both point to another world where the righteous would spend eternity with the Heavenly Father and the unrighteous would be excluded from this place, the Kingdom of God.

Sleep is the term of death that all men face. But it is not an end for any as all will face the judgement for their deeds done in the flesh.

Verse 3

We see here in what state the righteous will appear. The wise, the ones who have accepted God and lived according to His covenant will have a glory as bright as the sun. To those who have brought others to a faithfulness in the Lord God. Their faithfulness plays a great part in the work of turning many to a knowledge of God. Those who do not share the truth of God hinder His work and are as the unfaithful. They had shown as stars giving light in a dark world and now they would shine as stars forever.

Verse 4

The meaning here is not that this book should be read before the end time but that the prophecy is yet to be fulfilled. Also the book can now be shut because the giving of the prophecy is now complete. The end itself will reveal the truth of these writings.

The through that many will run to and fro is that many a man seek to know the truth. He searches the world over but never rally finds it. The reason that they do not find the truth is because they do not turn to this book of the Holy Scriptures.

Verse 5-6

It is believed that these other two were attending angels of the one clothed in linen and were witnesses of the oath. To signify the importance of the angel in linen was that it’s he who was above the waters. This may signify that this river which was the source of life for this area was under his dominion. The two attending angels asked a simple question, how long until these events would be fulfilled?

Verse 7

The angel clothed in linen was a mighty angel but not an almighty one. He had the authority to swear on the name of the Everlasting One and he answers with for a time, times and a half. This is not a perfect time as in the number seven but indicates that the time will come before the eternal purposes of God are complete. The angel himself had no copntrol over the time but it was in the will of God when this time should come to fulfillment.

Though the time is set that it will happen when the power of God’s people are broken in pieces. Then the promises of Chapter 9:24 will be accomplished and then the resurrection will follow. The raising of both hands to God by the angel indicates that the time is in the hands of God only.

In Revelation 10:5-6 the indication is that the time is the finishing of the mystery of God. In Revelation it is revealed what was to happen to God’s people. The breaking into pieces of the holy people is the attempt to destroy the people of God. It will be a time of persecution and suffering in an attempt to break their faithfulness to God. This persecution demonstrates the importance of God’s people to Him. These people were of course in Daniel’s day the faithful Jewish people but it continues on to this day the spiritual Jews of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Verse 8

This vision was terrifying to Daniel and he was concerned for the people of God. Thus he wanted to know the final result and what would happen to the people of God.

Verse 9-11

The vision is now sealed and Daniel cannot receive the information that he seeks from the angel. As we have read the vision is sealed until the end of time. There are two purposes that are revealed to Daniel for these events that are to come about. One is that the righteous will be purified by the tribulations. (Isaiah 1:18) The other is that they will be refined by their suffering for the faith and their obedience to God’s Word. (Romans 5:3-5)

Those who have rejected God’s Word will continue on in their wicked ways and will lack understanding. But the wise will have understanding even as they go through this time of suffering. There is an end to the time of tribulation, the time of when the Sabbaths are taken away, the sacrifices and offering are no longer given, and the other regular rituals of Temple worship. From the time of the abomination of desolation of the Temple there will be only 1290 days until the end events.

Verse 12

In this verse we see a month and a half added to the 1290 days. Some commentators see this as a time for building up the fortifications to the holy city. If this is so then the faithful will have to persevere for a time longer than expected. But at the end of this time, the 1335 days will come the blessing from the Lord. Either way the days of suffering are numbered by God. The point being that if you come against the people of God you will go no further.

Verse 13

In this closing benediction from the angel Daniel is told he has completed his work. He may now leave with the satisfaction that he has served the Lord faithfully. He is to go on to the end of his time and then will be given rest. At the appointed time he will be resurrected to enjoy his destiny as a star that shines for ever and ever.


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