113-160 Isaiah Chapter 60

Chapter 60

A Glorified Zion

Verses 1-3

After the dark ways of the people that we read of in chapter 59:9-10 now the Redeemer comes to shine His light on them. His light is there and God tells His people to respond to it and rise up to His light and shine. When we receive the light from God we have a service to rise up towards the light of God. You cannot shine until His light is upon you but you must respond to the light by rising to it.

We are not talking about earthly light but the light that originates from the Lord. This light is God’s glory and is like the light that shown on the face of Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration when the face of Jesus shown like the sun. The clothes of Jesus also became white as the light. (Matthew 17:2) His light is not as the light of the earth but is a warm and wonderful light that comes from the glory of the Lord.

The Gentiles also will be attracted to the light of the glory of God that will shine over Israel. Kings of the earth will be attracted to the brightness of Israel’s rising which will be ultimately fulfilled in the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus. It is then that Israel will be lifted up among the nations. These verses have application to all of God’s people. Isaiah is speaking to Israel but the prophecy will be fulfilled in the Millennial Kingdom. “The subject of this chapter is the great increase and flourishing state of the Church of God by the conversion and accession of the heathen nations to it.” (Clarke)

Verses 4-13

The theme of this passage is the regathering of Israel. It is not the gathering of the Jewish nation of the present day but that of the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus. Then every Jewish person will be gathered from all the earth to come to the land of Israel.

Israel will not only have their treasure but gain the treasures of the Gentile world. All the nations will willingly give them their treasures. So much of the world’s wealth will come to Israel that the gates of the city will have to remain open. People today may wonder at this but in that day the people of the world will know that they are giving to the Lord. They also bring their treasures because they see the work of the Lord in Israel because God has glorified them.

Another reason that the Gentile world will gladly give their treasures is that it is for the maintenance of God’s Temple. The Temple stands as a place to memorialize the work of God throughout history. Sacrifices for atonement was completed at the cross by Jesus but there will be sacrifices in the Temple as an act of worship and consecration.

Verses 14-18

The Gentiles in that day will have a different heart towards the Jew and those in Jerusalem. When they come to Jerusalem they will be humbled knowing that they are in the city of God.

The magistrates of the land will judge with righteousness. There shall not be any violence in the land, neither waste nor destruction within their borders. The names of the walls around the city will be Salvation and the gates Praise.

This will be fulfilled in the Millennial Kingdom which is soon to come. But the King of that Kingdom is here and has more work to do on a different level. There needs to be some transformation now. The Christian home can be a place where there is no violence, wasting or destruction. The walls of our home can be called salvation and the gates praise.

The Lord will do this not because of any work that His people have done. He does it because He is the Lord and the Savior of His people their Redeemer. He does this work so that all will know that it is His doing.

Verses 19-22

The light of God in this verses is like that of Revelation 21:23. “And the city has no need of the sun or of the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God has illumined it, and its lamp is the Lamb.” This would be just as important as having God as your glory. Therefore we should glory in no one else than God. “In the old order of creation, live was governed rigidly by night and day and unpredictably by the fitfulness of sun and moon. But in the new order of salvation, the ruling principle is the changeless presence of the Lord.” (Motyer)

Isaiah is speaking to God’s people before the time of their Babylonian exile and also is now pointing to the time when they shall inherit the land forever. It will not be so because of the goodness of His people but because He is the Lord and He will do these things for the glory of His name’s sake.

God does not say that it will happen soon but in the timeline of eternity, we may consider it soon. When the time is full then God will hasten it. Isaiah’s prophecy may seem too good to be true and it is, but God is too good for it not to be true.

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