104-1016-Joshua Chapter 15

104-1016-Joshua Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Verses 1-12

The land allotted to the tribe of Judah was described in more detail than for the rest of the tribes of Israel. The description of the land and its borders may seem tedious to us today but the Tribe of Judah it was important.

Verses 13-19

Caleb showed himself to be a great warrior in driving out the children of Anak. Caleb now challenged others in his band to show the same courage. To anyone one who attacks Kirjath Sepher he would give his daughter Achsah to them in marriage. This was Caleb’s way of encouraging his followers to do great and bold things as well. In that day this was a good reward to have the hand of a leader’s daughter in marriage in exchange for conquering of the city of Kirjath Sepher.

The land they had received was a dry land with little water. Caleb’s daughter asked for a blessing imitating the same boldness of her father. She asked for the blessing of the springs of water so they would be able to live on the land that had been given to them.

Verse 63

The city of the Jebusites, Jerusalem, sat on a hill and therefore was an advantage for its defense. The children of Judah were not able to drive them out for this reason. God is faithful and willing to help in our struggles. It is hard to explain why the children of Judah allowed the Jebusites to remain in Jerusalem until the time of King David. (2 Samuel 5:6-10)

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