103-1036-Numbers Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Verses 1-4

God had made a change of the law for property rights of the women in a previous chapter. The change was made because the daughters of Zelophehad and no sons and his daughters would not receive an inheritance. The law was changed that if a father had no sons his daughters would receive an inheritance from the father’s property. (Numbers 27)

Now there was a problem that if a women received an inheritance and then married outside of her father’s family the inherence would follow to another family and tribe. Because of this the leaders of the Gilead’s clan and Manasseh’s tribe went to Moses and the other leaders.

Also in the year of Jubilee the land being able to be bought back would not work properly. Married women could not own property so the land would belong to the husband and be a part of his tribe’s inheritance. It could not be bought back by the tribe of the wife.

Verses 5-12

Moses gave God’s answer to the leaders of Gilead. God gave the rule that daughters who had an inheritance had to marry within their own tribes. This would solve the problem as the land would remain in the tribe.

Verse 13

The Israelites had lived in the desert for 40 years and now were preparing to enter into the Promised Land. During the 40 years God had protected and provided for His people and had lead His people to the land that He was going to give them.

When the Israelites left the land of Egypt that had no land that was their own. Now at the end of their journey they still were living in camps and housed in tents in a country called Moab. Through their obedience to God they would possess their own land in Canaan. This was their Promised Land from God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God always keeps His promises.

For all the years that the Israelites traveled through the wilderness to the Promised Land God guided, protected, and cared for them. God wants to guide us through our lives too. He wants to lead us to the Promised Land of our heavenly home in His Kingdom. When we learn God’s Word and make application to our lives we learn more about Him and ourselves. When we live in obedience to God He can make His plans happen for us. God will guide us through this world if we will follow His lead. God will protect us and He will provide for us. When we place our trust in Him completely He will be with us. (Joshua 1:5; Matthew 28:20) God always keeps His promises.


Numbers Chapter 36

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