103-1017-Numbers Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Verses 1-13

For the third time God must show the Israelite people that God had chosen Aaron to be His High Priest. These sticks were not sticks that the people collected from the trees but were sticks that the leaders of the tribes had already. They were dead sticks and therefore had no life in them.

Each elder wrote his name of the stick that was his so there could be no mistake about whose stick it was. Moses took each stick and put it close to the Ark and returned the next day to see the sticks. The stick that belonged to Aaron had leaves, flowers and nuts on it. The stick through the power of God had become alive again and produced fruit. Again this was proof that Aaron was God’s choice to be His High Priest. No one could doubt that again. God told Moses to keep Aarons stick in front of the Ark always.

The tassels on the Israelites clothes reminded the people to obey God’s law. (Numbers 15:37-41) The bronze cover on the altar reminded the people that they must never oppose God. (Numbers 16:36-40) Now Aaron’s stick reminded the people that God had chosen Aaron to be His High Priest.  God did not want His people to die and they would not die if they obeyed His Word.

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