103-1008-Numbers Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Verses 1-4

In the Holy Place of the God’s Tent was where the stand for the lamps were to be placed. There was the table for the special bead to be placed on and also the altar of gold. They were built perfectly by the craftsmen as the Lord had instructed Moses. Their description can be found in Exodus 25:31-40. The lampstand was made from on piece of gold and hammered by the craftsman into a beautiful object. The lampstand was the shape of a tree and had six branches. Each branch had a model of a flower and each branch held one lamp. On the trunk of the tree there was the seventh lamp.

In God’s Tent there were no windows so the lamps provided the light needed so the priest could do their work. The priest looked after the lamps so that there would always be light. The table for the special bread was in front of the lamps so there would always be light on the table. On the table were twelves loaves of bread as a symbol of the twelve tribes of Israel. The light from the stands which shown on the bread was an example of God’s light. It was a reminder that God was watching over them to bless them.

This is also a reminder to us as Jesus describes Himself as the light of the world. (John 8:12) Jesus is a light to all people that they may know the way to live. Jesus guide us, blesses us, and judges us, as nothing can hide from the light. Jesus therefore knows everything about us.

The lampstand is also a symbol of Jesus as it is a tree with branches. Jesus said the He was the vine and we are the braches. (John 8:1-15) Jesus’ people are like the branches as they cannot live apart from Him. We cannot produce fruit for the Kingdom if were are not a part of the vine.

The craftsmen who made the stands made them from one piece of gold. It would have been easier if they could have made the stand from several pieces of gold. But they were instructed not to do this. This is how it should be as we are are one with Jesus. He is the vine and we are the branches and we are not able to do His work apart from Him (John 15:5)

Verses 5-26

The tribe of Levi belonged to God in a special way. All male first born of man and beast belonged to the Lord. The Lord set all the tribes of the Israelites free from this except the tribe of Levi. The first born male of the Levites belonged to the Lord and were to serve Him. (Numbers 3:40-51) The tribe of Levi had remained loyal to God when all the other Israelites had rejected Him. (Exodus 32:25-29) Therefore the Lord chose the tribe of Levi to serve Him.

Before they could work on the God’s Tent of the Lord they had to be made pure. Moses had to take special water and splash them that they would become pure by the water. They would be handling the special instruments of the Lord and therefore had to be clean. The camp of the Levites was to be near to God’s Tent and they would have to be clean to be so close to God’s dwelling.

The special water was made by water mixed with the ashes of the reddish brown cow that was hunted in a special ceremony. This water was also called the water of the sin offering. (Numbers 19:1-20)

True the water washed away the dirt from their bodies but it also was the symbol that their sins had been washed away too. Being clean physically and spiritually God could now accept them for their service unto Him.

In the book of Hebrews we can read an explanation of how the blood of Jesus cleans us, cleans our hearts to that we can serve God. (Hebrews 9-11) Jesus sacrificed Himself on the Cross and is the sin offering for all the people. His blood makes us clean so that we are acceptable to God and can serve Him. (Hebrews 9:13-14)

Verses 8-19

The Levites also had to bring sacrifices and the Israelites had to place their hands upon them. This was in recognition of God’s choice of the Levite tribe to serve Him. This was also a confirmation of the Levite tribes as God’s choice. Then the Levites had to place their hand on the animals in order to transfer their sins to the animals. The animals died in place of the Levites. The wage of sin is death and the animals died for their sins instead of the Levites. (Romans 6:23)

There were two offerings. A burnt offering and a sin offering. The purpose of the burnt offering was to show that the Levite tribe was giving themselves completely to God’s service. The sin offering made them clean for their service. It was an exchange that the Levites would serve God exclusively instead of the first born male child of the Israelite people.

Sin is a wall that separates people from God. In the Old Testament times people would have to offer sacrifices for their sins that they had committed accidently. They could also offer sacrifices with a payment for some sins that they had committed on purpose. (Leviticus 6:1-7) But that was a general thing as if people sinned on purpose they would have to repent and ask God for forgiveness as King David had done. (Psalm 51)

Jesus died on the cross to pay for the sins of the world. Jesus received the punishment for all sin. Jesus received the punishment that we all deserve. His sacrifice was the one time sacrifice for all people. Jesus removed the wall that separates people from God. When we sin we must ask God to forgive us and He will if we are sincere.

The tribe of Levi belonged to God and they were a gift to the priest. The Levites could never become priest and were not allowed to serve God at the altar. God did not allow the Levites to wear the special clothes or to enter into the Holy Place. (Exodus 28:1; Exodus 29:8-9) They were to guard God’s Tent so the people of the Israelites would not come to close.

Verse 20-26

God had accepted the tribe of Levi instead of the first born males of the Israelite people. Aaron the High Priest offered them to God with a special ceremony. To make the Levite’s clean Aaron offered the bulls as a sacrifice for their sins.

The Levites severed from the age of 25-50 and did all the work surrounding God’s Tent. They could not help the priest inside of the God’s Tent unto the age of 30. (Numbers 4:3) At the age of 50 they no longer had to work.


Numbers Chapter 8

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