103-1007-Numbers Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Verses 1-89

In the original text the list of gifts are repeated 12 times one for each leader. These events happened 1 month before the census of Numbers 1:1-4. The listing is the same as the men and tribes of Numbers 2:1-34. Each leader of the tribes brought the same gifts and each tribe was equally important to God. By this listing we see a demonstration that each leader is known by God showing that every person is important to God.

The leaders of the tribes brought carts and oxen to transport God’s Tent. They also brought objects for the priest to use in God’s Tent. And they brought animals to offer as sacrifices.

The gifts and offerings were expensive and the leaders were happy to give them to the Lord. The Hebrew word for offering means to “come near.” The leaders brought offerings to the Lord to bring them near to God.

In the Tent of Meeting God spoke to Moses when he stood by the Ark. God did not live in the Ark as verse 89 reminds us but when He spoke the voice came from above the Ark.

Gold covered the Ark on the inside and the outside. On top of the Ark there was a large piece of gold with two angels on each side. The Voice of God came from between these two angles.

Today we do not have to go to a certain place to meet with God. We can meet with God through His Son Jesus. When we pray to Jesus we are praying to God through Him. Jesus also brings God’s message to us through the Holy Spirit which dwells in the Christian. We can speak to Jesus when and wherever we are.

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