101-148 Genesis Part 3 Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Verses 1-7

Upon hearing that his father Israel was weakening Joseph took his sons to him to be blessed. As sad as this occasion may have been it is good for the young to hear the testimony of the aged. There is a wealth of advice to be learned from the righteous before they depart to their eternal home. Israel claimed them to be as his own and decreed that they should return with the blessing of Israel’s father Isaac to the promised land of Canaan. Israel would have Ephraim and Manasseh to know that it is better to be low in the church than to be high and mighty without it.

Verses 8-22

Israel crossed his hand and began to bless the second born son over the first born. Joseph tried to intervene but Israel rebuked him. God when blessing His people often gives more to others than to some. He blesses them with more gifts, grace, comfort, and more of the good of life. God often gives more to the least in life, the weaker ones of this world, and He raises the poor out of the dust. The order of nature has no bound on God’s grace. God does not seek those whom we think most deserving but as it pleases Him. How poor are they who have accumulated none of the riches of this world? How fearful is the deathbed of the one whose hope is in the Lord? How dreadful are the apprehensions of the evil in the lives of those who have no hope but evil for eternity?

Key Verses

Hebrews 11:21, Romans 9:6-13

There is a similarity of the two blessings between Ephraim and Manasseh and that of Jacob and Esau. Both were the will of God but Jacob seized his by deception and Joseph tried to interfere. God will bless whom He pleases and not by the merits of man. In faith in God Israel blessed the two sons of Joseph and praised the God of his father’s in doing so.


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