101-140 Genesis Part 3 Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Verses 1-19

Joseph was not only in charge of the prison but he was a servant to the prisoners. Perhaps we see a maturing here of Joseph. When Joseph was sent out by his father Israel to check on his brothers he did not go as a servant but as a master. Now as a master in the prison he is serving his fellow prisoners.

Pharaoh’s butler and baker fell out of favor with Pharaoh and were also placed in the prison. One day they were troubled and Joseph being concerned for them asked why they were troubled. They each said they each had a dream and there was no one to interpret the dream. Joseph was careful to give God the glory for his ability to interpret their dreams. The butlers dream was interpreted first and Joseph told him that in three days he would be restored to his former position. Joseph asked the butler once he was back in Pharaoh’s service to remember him to Pharaoh.

Joseph then interpreted the bakers dream telling him that in three days he would be executed. When dealing with people we should be honest even if the news is bad. It is always favorable to us to deliver good news. But when the news is adverse we must in a comforting straightforward manner deliver the truth. It is our duty before God and mankind to speak in the spirit of truth.

Verses 20-23

The dreams that Joseph had interpreted for the butler and the baker came true just as he had said. The butler failed to mention Joseph to Pharaoh and forgot all about him. It is not an unusual thing in this world of the prince of the air that hatred is shown for acts of love and kind people are slighted for their good deeds. When those who once were in distress have found comfort how quick they are to forget those who aided them in their time of need.

Joseph learned from his disappointment to fully trust God for his care. We cannot expect too little from man, nor too much from God. It is a reminder of how sometimes we forget the One who hung on a Roman Cross that we might gain our freedom for sin. How could we forget our Lord and Savior we wonder, yet often when times are good we do. Our Lord is faithful to forgive and graceful to restore us, as it is not our love for Him we are saved but His love for us.

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