101-124-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Verses 1-9

Abraham was now at a very advanced age and Isaac was about forty years of age. Abraham called his servant Eliezer and instructed him to return to the land of Abraham’s family and chose a wife for Isaac. Abraham did not want Isaac to marry a woman from Canaan, as they were not in the covenant between him and God. The Canaanites were the descendants of Canaan which Noah had cursed because of Canaan’s mistreatment of Noah.The Canaanites were a very wicked people and idol worshipers. It is true Abraham’s family, the family of Nahor his brother, which now dwelt at Haran in Mesopotamia, called the city of Nahor. They too worshiped idols but also worshiped God. Abraham believed that once the woman of Eliezer’s choice was brought back to Canaan where Abraham lived that she would forget about her Idolatry and be a fitting wife in the same faith as Isaac.

Eliezer asked what to do if the woman of his choice did not wish to return with him. Abraham replied that he did not want Isaac to go to the land of Nahor. Abraham told his servant that the God who called him out of the land of his family would also send an angel before him. Abraham instructed him that if she would not return with him that he would be released from the oath he was to swear to.

Verses 10-28

Eliezer acknowledges God’s hand in his search for a wife for Isaac once arriving in the city of Nahor. He proposes a sign by which he would know the woman of God’s choosing. We have this leeway in seeking God’s guidance in that we can suggest a sign in knowing His blessing. It is notable that Eliezer did not go to places of amusement but to the well were he would find a woman busy about her duties and employed aright. Eliezer was bold in his prayer to God so that the answer would be unmistakable and strengthen his faith rather than weaken it. The woman came to the well and filled her jar and began her return to her home not being distracted by the view of a strange man. She showed resoluteness in her duty and not musing or dreaming about things that were not of her affair.

Eliezer had asked God that the sign be the woman would be willing to give him a drink from her jar of water. Once he had his fill she would also draw more water for his camels to drink their fill as well. The woman that had caught Eliezer’s eye and who he had asked for a drink gave him the drink from her jar. She also drew more water and gave his camels their fill of water to drink also. Being satisfied that his prayer had been answered Eliezer gave the woman some ornaments as gratitude for her service. Then he asked the woman whose daughter she was and if there was room for lodging in her home. Then upon learning that she was of Abraham’s relations Eliezer bowed and worshiped blessing God. Though his prayer was addressed to God it was prayed aloud so that the woman could hear and know from where and who Eliezer had come. Then the woman ran to her mother’s house and told her the things that had happened at the well.

Rebekah’s brother Laban came out to meet Eliezer to see this man she had told her mother about. Laban’s interest had been peaked by the earring and bracelet that had been given to Rebekah. Laban’s attitude towards Eliezer may have been in hope of a reward for him also and may have not been so eager to entertain Eliezer otherwise. Eliezer was invited in and offered a meal but before there would be any rest on Eliezer’s part he would first complete his mission. It is our duty to complete our work that we have be entrusted to, rather it be for God or man, before taking our leisure. (John 4:34)

Eliezer tells them of his charge from Abraham and his prayer at the well for God to give him a sign to know the right woman of God’s choice. He explains how Rebekah had fulfilled the signs that he had asked for. This also shows to Rebekah’s family that this is not of his doing but that of the Lord Gods. They all agree and the matter closed with the acceptance of the proposal. Most matters in life come to a comfortable resolve when they are accomplished in the will of God.

 Verses 54-67

Isaac was in the field meditating when he looked up and saw the camels of Eliezer’s procession coming. Rebekah also looked up and saw him in the field and asked who he was. Once learning that the man she saw in the field was Isaac she placed the veil over her face. Isaac brought Rebekah into his mother’s tent and they were married.


The birth of Isaac was a miracle to say the least. His parents, Abraham and Sarah were well past the age to bear children. Also Sarah had been barren all her life, yet God promised Abraham and Sarah a son and they had faith that God would keep his promise. When Isaac was born Abraham was 100 years old.

While Isaac was still a youth God told Abraham to take him to a mountain and sacrifice him to the Lord. Sadly Abraham obeyed God’s word and took Isaac to the mountain to sacrifice him. At the last moment God sent an angel to stop him and provided a ram for the sacrifice.

Isaac married Rebekah and then found out that she, like his mother Sarah, was also barren and unable to give childbirth. Being a good husband Isaac prayed to God that He would open Rebekah’s womb so they could have children. God answered his prayer and Rebekah gave birth to twins Esau and Jacob.

Esau was a burly hunter and was favored by his father Isaac. Rebekah favored Jacob the more sensitive and thoughtful of the two. This was an unwise move on the part of Isaac as he should have worked harder to love the both, Esau and Jacob, equally.

Isaac was a faithful man to God and obeyed His word. He also was a loyal husband to Rebekah.

Isaac became the patriarch of the Jewish nation of Israel. Isaac fathered Jacob who went on to father twelve sons who became the twelve tribes of Israel.

Isaac was faithful to God and never forgot how God had saved him from being sacrificed by his father Abraham by providing a ram. Isaac watched and learned from his father Abraham one of the most faithful men in the bible.

To avoid death by the hand of the Philistines, Isaac lied about his relationship to Rebekah saying she was his sister. Isaac’s father Abraham had used the same lie about Sarah to the Egyptians.


Genesis Part 2 Chapter 24

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