126- Exodus Chapter 26

Chapter 26


The wooden frames determined the outline of the tabernacle. The tabernacle was thirty cubits on a side (twenty frames of one and one-half cubits each) and about nine cubits on each end. (Six frames of one and one-half cubit each) The walls were ten cubits high. The rear was actually wider at the bottom than at the top, due to the shaping of the corner frames. (Exodus 26:23-24) The rear third of the tent was set apart from the holy place. It was called the “most holy” place, and later came to be known as the holy of holies. The luxurious hangings were on the interior only, with a roof and exterior covering of normal tent cloth. The holy place was lighted by the lamps upon the Lampstand. The most holy place was totally dark. It contained only the ark, with no auxiliary lamps.

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