113-112 Isaiah Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Thanksgiving Expressed

Verse 1

In Chapter 11 we heard of the reign of the Messiah who will be the King over the whole of the earth. This Chapter is a brief Chapter of Praise which comes from the heart of the one who has surrendered to the Messiah as the King. Praise for the benefits of the Messiah’s reign.

The Lord who was angry with the worshipper now praises the Lord even as he has felt the anger of the Lord. Now in the New Covenant, there is a sense that there is no longer anger towards us from God. The full wrath of God was placed upon His Son on the cross. But we still receive the chastening which feels like the anger of the Lord, but it is the discipline of a loving heavenly Father towards His children. (Hebrews 12:11)

When the anger of God is turned away it is glorious. The Anger of God is turned away because of the work of His Son on the cross. Jesus willfully placed Himself between us and the anger of God which deflects God’s anger towards us. When we are chastised by God it is as a perfect parent. God knows how to comfort us perfectly after being chastised. Some may refuse the comfort of God after chastisement but that is their fault, not God’s.

Verse 2

The worshiper wants others to know that what he says is true. His is a testimony of what the Lord has done in his life. This is his invitation for all to see the work of the Lord.

God is our salvation, it is not our work but the Lord’s work. Our good works, our good intentions, and our good thoughts will not save us. It is God who is our salvation. Many a person does not know the need for salvation from the Lord. They think that their life is fine and only come to God when they need help. They never see themselves as drowning in their sin, they never see themselves as hell-bound sinners in need of salvation.

Our peace and security come from knowing that God is our salvation. If we see our salvation within ourselves it is hard to trust and not be afraid of ourselves. When our salvation is in the Lord we can trust and not be afraid. The Apostle Paul states this truth in his letter to the Romans. “Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Romans 5:1)

Here the worshipper gives us a confident statement of his faith. He has decided to trust God and not be afraid. This is not a feeling of trust but a decision to trust. We say to our will, “I will trust and not be afraid.” “Hearken, O unbeliever, you have said, ‘I cannot believe,’ but it would be more honest if you had said, ‘I will not believe.’ The mischief lies there. Your unbelief is your fault, not your misfortune. It is a disease, but it is also a crime: it is a terrible source of misery to you, but it is justly so, for it is an atrocious offense against the God of truth.” (Spurgeon)

The Lord is not only our salvation but He is our strength and song. Some only see the Lord as their salvation in a distant way and miss that He is also their strength and song. “Nor is he here called a part or an aid of our strength, but our complete strength; for we are strong, so far as he supplies us with strength.” (Calvin) When the Lord is our song He is our joy, our happiness. The Lord becomes our purpose and life in the Lord, and we are never disappointed.

Verse 3

The wells of salvation will never leave us to thirst again. Jesus said, “But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.” (John 4:14) When we come to Jesus we can draw the water from the well of His salvation. In the climate of Israel, a well is rare. A well is life and to have a place where you can come continually to draw what you need is a precious gift. The resources of the Lord have no limit.

Therefore we have something to do, to draw the water of salvation. God does not meet our needs when we sit passively with no activity. We must reach out and draw from what He has provided. At the same time we are using His water, His well, His rope, and His bucket to draw with.

As it is all of God we draw from the well of salvation with joy. There should be no face of somberness at the Lord’s well of salvation. We draw His water with joy. “Joy is the just man’s portion, and Christ is the never-failing fountain whence by a lively faith he may infallibly fetch it.” (Trapp)

Verse 4

This verse an exhortation to praise God. An encouragement to worship the Lord and place our trust in Him.

The worshipper has received from the wells of salvation, and now that living water is flowing out of him, encouraging others to worship and trust in the Lord. The one who worships the Lord needs to call others to help him in his praise. “The saints are unsatisfiable in praising God for the great work of their redemption, and do therefore call in help, all that may be.” (Trapp) One should not be able to stop talking about the great things the Lord has done in their life.

Verse 5-6

At first, the Lord is our song. (Verse 2) Now we are to sing this song to everyone who will listen. If the Lord has become your song, then sing it. To shout is excited praise, people can tell if your excitement is not real. If we cannot worship without crying out and shouting, then there is something lacking in our worship. “We ought not to worship God in a half-hearted sort of way; as if it were now our duty to bless God, but we felt it to be a weary business, and we would get it through as quickly as we could, and have done with it; and the sooner the better. No, no; ‘All that is within me, bless his holy name.’ Come, my heart, wake up, and summon all the powers which wait upon thee! Mechanical worship is easy but worthless. Come rouse yourself, my brother! Rouse thyself, O my own soul!” (Spurgeon)

We see two reasons for great praise. We praise God for who He is. The Holy One of Israel. Secondly, we praise God for where He is, in our midst. Both these give us a reason to praise God.

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