104-1019-Joshua Chapter 18

104-1019-Joshua Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Verses 1-3

The base for the Israelite people shifted from Gilgal to Shiloh. Shiloh now became the spiritual and political center of the Israel nation and remained so until the Philistines captured it and took the Ark of the Lord from them. (1 Samuel 4:10, 17)

There remained seven tribes of the Israelite nation that had not yet taken possession of their inheritance. The question becomes why would they not want to possess their land? Why would Joshua need to prod them into taking the land? A possible reason may be that people tend to be comfortable with the situation that they are in. The generation of Israelites had been living in the wilderness for forty years and had never had permanent dwellings before. People sometimes are afraid of something new even if it is for the good.

No matter what the reason was the problem was neglect. They were neglecting to fulfill what God had called them to do, possess the Promised Land.

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