103-1425 Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Punishments had its limitations. (Verses 1-3) The beast of burden were to be cared for. (Verses 4) There were laws to regulate the marriage of a brother’s widow. (Verses 5-10) Immodest assault of another person was prohibited, this was probably for the religious overtones of sexuality than for immodesty. (Verses 11-12) Proper weights and measures were to be used in trading. (Verses 13-16)

In the remembrance of Amalek we see a difference from the book of Exodus (Exodus 17:8-16) than in Deuteronomy. (Verses 17-19)

Legislating public or privet morality inevitably fails but the idealism remains. Through appropriate ethical and theological guidelines, the covenant community is to exalt personal morality and conduct.

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