103-1423 Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Protecting One’s Relationship with the Lord

As in Leviticus and Numbers we see again the holiness needed to enter into the presence of God in the covenant community. We see here in Deuteronomy certain persons are excluded from the assembly of the Lord, as their condition would violate that holiness. The people excluded were the eunuch, (Verse 1) the bastard, (Verse 2) and those who prevented Israel from passing through their land during the wilderness pilgrimage. (Verses 3-6) In the camp of the military protection form uncleanness of bodily discharges was observed. (Verses 10-14)

In later revelation from God some of these laws have been subsumed. But the principle of maintaining a holy community in the presence of God are valid today.

Personal Morality and Conduct

There are nineteen areas addressed in these stipulations. They include refuge for escaped slaves, (Verses 15-16) the rejection of sexual irregularity, (Verses 17-18) interest charged on loans, (Verses 19-20) and the keeping of one’s word. (Verses 21-23) A person could use the crop of his neighbor to satisfy his personal hunger. (Verses 24-25)

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