103-1422 Chapter 22

Chapter 22

On the personal level there are laws which was the concern one should have for their neighbor, (22:1-12) lost property was to be returned to its owner. (22:1-3) One must be ready to volunteer assistance to his neighbor in need, (22:4) and the animals were to be protected. (22:6-7) There were responsibilities for others, a person who built a house with a flat roof must also build a parapet on the roof. (22:8) The ways that people were to dress were prescribed, that the dress of people would not be mixed in incompatible ways. (22:5,9-11)

Protecting the Purity of Sexual Standards

In the covenant community every protection is taken to protect the purity of sexual standards. Though these standards may seem too harsh by today’s standards the principles still apply. There should be a concern for sexual purity in the covenant community, as the Church has an imperative responsibility to address that most personal relationship. They are to be concerned with accusations of chastity (13-21) and exemplify the ideal of sexual purity. Although one would hardly deal with sexual promiscuity in the same manner today the ethical idealism of the law is commendable. This section deals with adultery, (Verse 22) seduction of a virgin, (Verses 23-29) incest, (Verse 20) demands sexual purity in the covenant faith.

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