103-1408 Chapter 8

Chapter 8

One God – One Source

In this chapter we learn that the discipline of the Lord was so the people would learn “that man does not live by bread alone.” In the wilderness the Lord tested His people “to know what was in your heart.” They had learned from their experiences that the meaning of their life is bound up in the power of the Lord. In the backdrop of their discipline in the wilderness the land which the Lord was to give them became more desirable. They were given three conditions for receiving the blessings of God. Keeping His commandments, walking in His ways, and fearing Him. In spite of the Lord’s blessing in their lives, they were confronted with the danger of forgetting to serve their One God.

Moses cautioned the Israelite people about the dangers of forgetting the Lord. Their pride and self-exaltation could lead people to forget their dependence upon God. “Then your heart will become proud and you will forget the LORD your God who brought you out from the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.” If the people would succumb to that temptation, then God’s grace would be ignored as the source of their blessings. They would become confused about the source of their blessing. They would think it was the might of their hand that had gotten them their wealth. The consequences of this self-exaltation is clear. They would forfeit their life and experience destruction. It should be logical for them to realize that if there is One God, then there is only one source of life for humanity. It was in God that there was life in the beginning and only in God would there be life now, and only in God would there be life in the hereafter. The Lord is the singular, unique, and only God.

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