101-147 Genesis Part 3 Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Verses 1-6

Joseph was the greatest man in Egypt but was not ashamed of his family. Joseph lifted them up before Pharaoh and was proud of them. Pharaoh honored his family with a land to be their own. Pharaoh even offered some of the men of Israel’s family employment to care for his cattle. Jesus who is Lord and God of our lives, co-partner in all of creation is not ashamed to call us His brethren.

Verses 7-12

Joseph brought his father Israel before Pharaoh as a matter of his pride. Israel gives an account of himself before Pharaoh. Israel gave an unusual answer to a common question. What is our time here? Israel numbered his days a few, as even as they were one hundred thirty they are but a breath in eternity. His vision is that which we should have, as we are but sojourners in a foreign land. We are passing through on our way to a far grander place than this we are in. Here in this world is not our home, our habitation is in the Kingdom to come, our inheritance, and our treasures are in Heaven. Israel said his days were evil. This is true of man, as the world we live in is filled by evil. Israel’s answer impressed the Pharaoh as even he must have known that all the prosperity of this world and the happiness found there-in can not last long. After a life of vanity and tribulation man goes to the grave either from the throne or the tent in the field. There is nothing in this world that can truly make us happy but the hope of an everlasting home in heaven.

Verses 13-26

The famine had now devastated the Egyptian population, all their money was spent, their livestock traded away, and their land given over. Through the wise leadership of Joseph’s provision food was available to the people but not without the cost of everything they had. In desperation they had parted with all their worldly treasure for that very basic need of food for their body. Hunger can drive people to the most extreme actions to fulfill their need. They even at last traded their liberty for their daily bread. If people today would only see the devastation of their darkened hearts, they would give all their worth to restore their souls. Yet they are caught up in their greed for more of that which will not sustain them. God in His grace offers a path to their salvation and without cost it is free. How blind the hearts of men are to forsake the eternal spirit for the benefit of dying flesh. Is it then too much for us to count all but loss, and follow Him who will both save our souls, and give us a hundredfold? Surely if Jesus is willing to save us are we not willing to become his servants?

Verses 27-31

The time now draws near for the death of Israel and he can feel it approaching. He calls to his son Joseph and make him vow to bury him not in Egypt but in the promised land of the covenant. Joseph makes this vow. Israel had the vision of his father Isaac and his father Abraham that this world is just but a temporal journey to a far greater Promised Land. It was by their faith in the promise of God and their vision and trust in the truth of His Word that God would see them through to that far off shore. (Hebrews 11:13-14)

Key Verse

Hebrews 11:13-14





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