101-146 Genesis Part 3 Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Verses 1-4

Israel went and built an altar unto God to seek His blessing on moving his family to Egypt. When we are faced with small and big changes in our life, when we are contemplating new directions to take and lead our families into, to know that our path will be secure we should always take council with the Lord. Peace only comes when we are walking in the path that God has laid before us, only in that path will His presence be with us to sustain and protect. It is as our sojourn through this world, as we pass through the valley of the shadow of death we fear no evil for we are in the presence of our Lord. (Proverbs 14:26)

Verses 28-34

Shepherds where loathsome to the Egyptians and Joseph made arrangement for them to settle away from the population so they would not be hindered in their occupation. Life holds different stations for each and while we should always strive for betterment we should always be content with what we have. Joseph could have placed them in great positions in Egypt, but this would have caused the envy of the Egyptians. The family of Israel had been Sheppard’s since their father Abraham and this was their calling. We should accept our calling and be diligent in our labor for it to the glory of our God.

The brothers of Joseph had in the past contrived towards Joseph’s demise by selling him into slavery. Joseph was now busy contriving for the good of his father and brothers. This is the example that we should follow that it is better to return good for evil, not only for the good of those who have brought evil against us but for the blessing upon us.

Key Verse

Proverbs 14:26




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