101-145 Genesis Part 3 Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Verses 1-15

Joseph drew his brothers unto himself much like Jesus draws us unto himself. As when he drew Paul on the road to Damascus by saying, “I am Jesus.” As Jesus did when He comforted His disciples, “It is I, be not afraid,” as Jesus manifest Himself to us He draws us near with a true heart. Which Joseph did to his brothers and told them not to fear, as what they had done to him God had made come to good. That is was His plan to bring all this about for the preservation of Israel’s family. That He Joseph would now be able to provide for them. Joseph would now be the provider for Israel and all his family; it is the duty of children to care for their parents and their family when in need. (1 Timothy 5:4) Now the brothers of Joseph had fully repented of the sin against Joseph and reconciliation had been made and the whole of their family had been made. After the tokens of true reconciliation with the Lord Jesus, sweet communion with him follows.

Verses 16-24

Joseph bids his brothers farewell and tells them “Do not quarrel on the journey.” Joseph had forgiven them and did not want this peace to be distracted by them arguing with one another. This Command our Lord Jesus has also gives to us, that we should love one another. As Jesus has forgiven each of us we should also forgive one another. It is as we too are traveling through a foreign land as they were through Egypt, to the home land of God’s glory, as they to Canaan. That one day we hope to be with Him in perfect peace in God’s Kingdom of glory.

Verses 25-28

The final three verses of this chapter is the essence of our hope through Jesus. Jesus whom we once had rejected and refused to believe in is now our Savior and Lord. Jesus loves us as a brother. He gives us His assurance in love by the riches of His glory through His grace. Jesus commands us to lay aside envy, anger, malice, and strife, and to live in peace with each other. Jesus supplies all that we will need to make that journey home that where He is we may also be.

Key Verse

1 Timothy 5:4



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