101-144 Genesis Part 3 Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Verses 1-17

Surely Joseph had a favorable love towards his brother born of his mother Rachael. Of all of Joseph’s brothers only Benjamin was of the same mother as Joseph. The rest of his brothers had sold Joseph into slavery twenty years earlier. These brothers had feared the sin of that day would have brought them into judgment before Joseph Pharaoh’s master of the land. To further test them Joseph had his silver cup put into Benjamin’s sack of grain where Joseph’s servant had found it upon his search. Now the twelve sons of Israel stood before Joseph accused of stealing his silver cup. They had offered as punishment that they should all become his slaves but Joseph refused their offer. Joseph said only the guilty one, Benjamin would become his slave. The test now was to see how his brothers would respond to the loss of another brother born of Rachael.

Verses 18-34

Judah, who had thrown Joseph’s blood stained coat at his father’s feet twenty years before, now pleads with Joseph to spare his brother Benjamin not only for his sake but for the sake of his father. Judah told Joseph that if Benjamin did not return from Egypt that his father would surly die from grief. Judah begged Joseph to allow Benjamin to go free and in exchange he would be Joseph’s slave. It is as our Lord Jesus, who humbles and proves His people that after they has tasted His love He brings remembrance of their sins that they will exercise repentance and know how they owe to His abundant mercy.

Key Verse

Hebrews 7:14


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