101-134 Genesis Part 3 Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Verses 1-19

As we, the children of God, are sojourners in this world on our way to God’s Kingdom, our children are in grave danger in this world of wickedness. We must be on watch for our children, especially for our daughters. Jacobs’s daughter Dinah went out into the country and caught the eye of Shechem and he forced himself upon her. People who burn with the lust for fleshly pleasures do not have concern for the heart of their victim.

Hamor the father of Shechem came out to speak with Jacob to purchase Dinah for a wife to Shechem. The sons of Jacob said they could not agree with Hamor and that Dinah could not marry an uncircumcised male. Jacobs’s sons said that if all the males of their family were circumcised then Dinah cold marry Shechem. This was a deceitful plan on both sides of the agreement. The Hivites wanted to inter-marry in order to absorb the smaller number and gain the wealth that Jacob had brought into their land.

Verses 20-31

Blessed are those who put their trust and faith in God but those who profess faith in God falsely are judged severely. God judged Hamor and Shechem for their false act of being circumcised to be as one with the family of Israel. The deceit of Jacob’s sons was to disable the Hivite men by circumcision. In their soreness Jacob’s sons Simeon and Levi attracted the city of Shechem and killed all their males and looted all their wealth. We must be careful when making vows to the Lord God. God is faithful and true in His word to us and can and often does deal with us harshly when we are not truthful to Him.

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