101-133 Genesis Part 3 Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Verses 1-16

God is faithful to answer prayer and holds the heart of everyman in His hand. God answered Jacob’s prayer for reconciliation between him and his brother Esau. Esau greeted Jacob with the excitement of one who was truly happy to see his brother. At first Esau rejected the gifts of Jacob but after persuasion took them. Esau was excited to see his brother Jacob and wanted to travel back with him but Jacob reminded him because of the nursing animals and the youngness of his children travel would be slow, so Esau reluctantly went on ahead.

The care and attention that Jacob showed towards his family and livestock is an example to the providence and care of our Good Shepherd Jesus. The Good Shepherd who gathers and carries the lambs in his arms close to His bosom, and gently leads those that are young. (Isaiah 40:11) We should follow this example when ministering to those we attend.

Verses 17-20

Jacob traveled on to Succoth and purchased land there for his family’s home. Where he places his tent to live in, one should also provide a place to worship God, as providential care sustains us. Jacob built an altar and named it Elelohe-Israel, which means the God of Israel. God who pours out many blessings each day, more than we even know or could count, He is worthy and deserving of a place for us to worship Him.

Key Verse

Isaiah 40:11



Genesis Part 3 Chapter 33

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