101-128-Genesis Part 3 Chapter 28

Genesis Part 3

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Chapter 28


Verses 1-5

Isaac called his son Jacob to him and blessed him. Not the simple blessing he had received before from his father but the full blessing in a spiritual sense. Now Jacob was given the same blessing of his father Isaac and was heir to the promised land of Canaan. Jacob was also charged as his father was by Abraham. Jacob was not to marry a Canaanite woman but to return to the family of his mother Rebekah to find a wife from her brother Laban. The Canaanites where to be driven out of Canaan by the Israelite nation, therefore he was not to mix the blood of the righteous with the unrighteous, as God’s chosen people should be pure. Isaac was sixty years of age when Jacob was born and is now one hundred thirty seven years of which would make Jacob seventy seven at this time of departure.

Verses 6-9

Padanaram is four hundred eighty miles from Beersheba to Rebekah’s brother Laban. Jacob set out on his journey with the blessings of his father Isaac. It is thought that Esau was happy to see Jacob leave as this might give him the chance to regain the favor of his father Isaac. Because Jacob was going to the family of his mother Rebekah to take a wife because the Canaanites were displeasing to his parents, probably thought is best not to marry a Canaanite also. Esau went to the house of Ishmael to find a wife from the daughters of Heth who was the eldest son of Ishmael the son of Abraham. Esau married Mahalath, also known as Bashemath, the sister of Nebajoth. Esau probably married his father Isaac’s brother Ishmael’s son’s daughter in order to advance more favor form his father. It was a mistake for Esau as he had married a daughter of the son of Abraham that had been cast out of his grandfather’s house. Esau had also married the daughter of a bondmaid’s son and could not inherit the land promised to Abraham and Isaac.

Verses 10-15

Jacob having left the comfort of his father’s house was now out on his own. Jacob traveled about forty miles and the sun set on his journey. Jacob who was used to the comfort of home was now in the wild and open country. He took a stone for a pillow and slept beneath the canopy of the heavens. Being a warm climate probably protected him from a cold or sickness but still he was exposed to the elements. To this point in scripture Jacob is not seen as a one who simply feared and trusted in the Lord. Now away from the security of his father’s house perhaps he felt the need to be more reliant upon the Lord.

As Jacob slept he had a dream, not a normal dream but a supernatural dream of the Devine nature. Any believer would take Jacob’s place on the ground with a stone for a pillow for the privilege of the vision that God gave him through his dream. Jacob envisioned a ladder reaching from heaven down to the earth with angels ascending and descending upon it. God Himself was at the head of the ladder. This is the providence of God that He keeps a constant intercourse between heaven and earth. Thus Jacob would know that he both had a good guide and was under the protection of God’s providence. Jacob’s vision is also a meditation of the Christ. Jesus is the ladder between heaven and earth. Jesus Christ is the way. All of God’s grace comes to us and all of our services to God go back to Him through Jesus. (John 1:51) Jesus is the way that sinners can draw near to the throne of grace. By faith we know Jesus is the way and by prayer we make our approach. By the way of Jesus our prayers ascend and by the way of Jesus our prayers descend to us in the needed providence and blessings. There is no way other than Jesus that we can reach Heaven. When our soul by faith can realize this truth then every place becomes pleasant and every prospect becomes joyful. Jesus is with us always until every promise made to us has been fulfilled and we at last rest in everlasting happiness. God spoke to Jacob from the top of the ladder in Heaven. It is through Jesus that God speaks to us. God renewed the promises given to Abraham and Isaac and gave then to Jacob also. That through Jacob the Messiah would come and all nations of the earth would be blessed through him. Jacob was on a journey to a strange land and is given the promise that God would never leave him, whom God loves He will never leave.

Verses 16-19

Weather we are at home, work or play, in the city or in the country, our station can be also the house of God. The world is God’s creation and all belongs to Him. God is everywhere man is and therefore we can worship Him where we are.

Verses 20-22

In Jacob’s amazement he made a vow to God. In Jacob’s vow we see an expression of his faith that God will keep him and Jacob can depend on that and promises his trust in the Lord. Jacob shows moderation in his desires, as he asks not for soft clothing or scant meat. If God gives us as much we are to receive and use it for him with thankfulness. If God give us little, we are to be content and cheerfully share it in Him. Jacob’s piety and regard for God where what he desired in God, that God would keep him and be with him and through His provision care for him. There is nothing more needed to make us happy. Jacob’s resolution is to draw close to the Lord, and remain in covenant with God. When we receive the exceeding mercies of God we should abound in gratitude towards God. The tenth that Jacob promised to God is a fitting portion that must be returned to God. This portion is for the support of worship, maintenance of the church, for the relief of the poor, and whatever good work that glorifies God.

Key Verses

Hebrews 11:9-10, Hebrews 11:13, Hebrews 11:16, John 1:51, 1Corinthians. 16:2





Genesis Part 3 Chapter 28

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