101-127-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Verses 1-5

After 135 years of age Isaac eyes had become dim and he knew his days on earth were short. He called for his son Esau and told him to go and hunt his favored game and prepare him a dish that he might enjoy a meal and then bless him with the birthright. This was not according to the plan of God, as it was Jacob who God wanted to be the seed of his nation and the eventual birth of the Messiah. Rebekah overheard this conversation between Esau and Isaac. Sometimes we are bound to take measures into our own liking for one reason or another and miss the Devine calling we are bound to.

Verses 6-17

Rebekah, knowing that the will of God was for Jacob to receive the blessing, called to her younger son Jacob to come in to her. Rebekah told Jacob to go to the flock and take two of the best goats and she would prepare the meal for Isaac. Rebekah said that she would provide all that Jacob needed in order to deceive his father and receive the blessing of the birthright.

Rebekah wronged Isaac with her deceitful plan of getting the birthright for Jacob. She wronged Jacob by tempting him in a wicked plan of deception. She put a stumbling block in the way of Esau and gave him a reason to hate his brother Jacob, and to have disdain for anything to do with the worship of the Lord God. All were to be blamed in this evil deed. Men often result to crooked measures in order to promote Devine purposes, believing the end accomplishment will justify the means to obtain them. Unrighteous behavior never advances the cause of Christ.

God declared to Abraham that He was God almighty, to walk before Him and be perfect in all his was. It was very reckless for Rebekah to say, “Your curse be on me, my son.” Christ has born the curse of the law for all who have taken up the yoke of this command from God Almighty for the cause of the gospel. It is very foolish for any creature to say may the curse be upon them.

Verses 18-29

The deception worked for Jacob and Isaac ate of the meal prepared for him. Then Isaac had Jacob draw near to him and he blessed him. Isaac’s blessing was mostly in physical terms and dealt with the bounty of earthly blessing. He made no mention of the spiritual blessings that God had promised. That his seed would bring forth a mighty nation, that all nations would be blessed through him, that the Messiah would come from his seed. Perhaps this is because this was more a fitting blessing for Esau than for Jacob. Esau despised the spiritual benefits of the covenant between God and Isaac. Esau’s faith had been weakened by his marriage to heathen women. It might be then that Isaac’s blessing was lean in agreeing with the mind of Esau.

Verses 30-40

Esau discovers that his brother Jacob had stolen the blessing of Isaac from him and breaks into bitter weeping. Esau pleads with his father to revoke the blessing and give it to him. Isaac cannot bring himself to repent of the blessing he had given to Jacob. Esau questions are there not a blessing for him? The only blessing that Isaac can give to his son Esau is that which he cannot have. There would be no peace for Esau as he must live in a land surrounded by enemies. That Esau would be subject to Jacob and serve him. Edom was ruled by the Kingdom of Judah. Eventually, as Isaac said, “that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck”, the Edomites will revolt and be free of the Jewish Kingdom. (2 Kings 8:20-23)

Esau by his choice parted from the wisdom and grace of the Lord, he forsook his faith in the Lord God, and desired the wealth and pleasures of this world. He cared not for the blessing of his father and traded it to his brother for a bowl of stew. Now in the truth of his foolishness he must find that he judged himself and must bear the consequence. Many travel the wide road to destruction with their mouth full of good wishes. There is nothing in Esau’s blessing that points to the coming Messiah and without that the blessings of the earth and the plunder of the fields will give little comfort at the ultimate end.

Verses 41-46

Esau planned revenge against Jacob much like Cain against Able. But Rebekah heard of his plan and sent Jacob away to her brother Laban’s to stay until Esau’s anger had ceased to be a threat.

In reading this chapter we must consider that we should not follow men further than they act according to the purpose and will of God. Neither should we foolishly try to accomplish that which is good by that which is evil. God overruled the bad actions of this chapter to fulfill His purposes. Yet God placed His judgment upon those evil actions taken in the name of good intentions. Yes they were painful judgments to all the parties involved in this chapter. Jacob was the preferred son to receive the blessing out of the good pleasure of God Almighty. The Lord God, who is the righteous judge and can dispense his favor as He sees proper, according to His purpose and will.


Genesis Part 2 Chapter 27

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