101-120-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Verses 1-8

Unrighteous acts will not prosper us and can being others into grave danger. It is a comfort that if we have in our ignorance been snared into sin, that we like Abimelech can honestly plead ignorance and had been caught in a snare and not knowingly had sinned against God. God knows our heart and if we are found honest He will acknowledge it. God displays His great mercy in hindering us from committing sin and for this we must give God the glory. If we have ignorantly done wrong that will not save us from the consequence if we still persist in our sin. The one that does sin will receive the punishment for it unless they repent from it.

Verses 9-13

As a man of faith Abraham offers a pour line of excuses for his conduct and a continuing distrust in God’s Divine providence. Abraham continued his attempts to deceive as he had before to the Pharaoh in Egypt. He also twisted the truth by saying that Sarah was he sister as the daughter of his father but not the daughter of his mother. Being warned by God Abimelech took the steps to do as God had said.

Verses 14-18

We often trouble ourselves with our prejudgments of others. Often leading us in temptation and sin, and we find the fear of God in places that we least expect it.

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