101-116-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Verses 1-3

Sarai lost her faith that she would bear a child and went to Abram and discussed her plan to give him her handmaid Hagar as a wife. Abram listened and without taking council with the Lord God submitted to Sarai’s plan. Unbelief worked and God’s mighty power was forgotten. Throughout our lives in every relation and situation that comes along they will also bring a cross we must bear. The exercise of our faith is our willingness to wait upon the Lord for Him to work His plan in His time. It is only by the means that God chooses that the crosses in our lives can be removed. Temptations come into our lives that have the pretence of being the right course to take. Anytime we substitute God’s wisdom for our own fleshy wisdom puts us out of God’s way. We can avoid this departure from the will of God if we would only seek His council by His Word and prayer.

Verses 4-6

Hagar became pregnant and despised Sarai because she was now with child. Perhaps Hagar was filled with pride because she was able to do that which Sarai was not. This caused contention and strife to come between Hagar and Sarai and Hagar became quarrelsome with Sarai. We should thank ourselves for the guilt and grief that follow actions of our own making. Sarai chose to blame Abram for the trouble between her and Hagar. One does not speak wisely when pride and anger fill our mouths. Hagar herself had forgotten that is was she that had provoked Sarai by despising her. Those that suffer for their faults should also bear them. (1Peter 2:20)

Verses 7-16

The Angel of the Lord caught Hagar in flight, possibly back to Egypt. He asked here where she was going but He knew she was traveling back into sin. Hagar was blessed to be in a righteous family and now she was fleeing back to the idol worship of the Egyptians. Being asked from where we have come brings to our mind that which we are leaving. Then the Angel of the Lord asked to when she was going. That question would cause us to be mindful of the trouble we are traveling into. The declaration of the Angel, “I will,” shows this Angel was the eternal Word and Son of God. Hagar must have been humbled that the Lord would show His mercy towards her. This gracious experience must have brought her to a better attitude and softened her feelings towards Sarai and in turn must have received better treatment for Sarai.


Ishmael was a favored child but then his life took and unexpected turn. Ishmael was the son of Abram by his wife Sarai’s handmaid Hagar. Sarai was barren and persuaded Abram to have relations with her to produce a child.

Ishmael was born in his father’s eighty-sixth year. The Name Ishmael means “God hears”. Thirteen years later Sarah gave birth to Isaac and Ishmael was no longer the heir. Ishmael mocked his half brother Isaac which angered Sarah and she told Abraham to cast him out.

God however did not abandon Hagar and Ishmael. They were stranded in the desert and God sent an angel and showed then a well and they were saved.

Hagar found Ishmael an Egyptian wife and he fathered twelve sons. Two generations later the descendants of Ishmael bought Isaac’s grandson Joseph from his brother’s and took him to Egypt to be sold as a slave.

Ishmael became a skilled hunter and fathered the nomadic Arab nations which inhabit most of the Middle East today.

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