101-110-Genesis Part 1 Chapter 11

Chapter 11

One language in the world, the building of Babel

All mankind spoke in the same language and it is speculated that Noah and his family, with the exception of Ham, moved back to their land of origin, east of the Garden of Eden. This is thought as they populated they out grew the area in which they were settled. They migrated eastward into the land of Shinar. From Ararat Shinar or Babylon is to the north. That being so they would have migrated northward. But if they had settled in the land east of the Garden of Eden then moving east they would have come to the land of Shinar. The plain of Shinar was very large, fruitful, and delightful, and therefore judged a fit place for a settlement, where they might have room enough, and which promised them a sufficient sustenance.

How soon men forget the severity of judgments and the reason for them. Even in Noah’s lifetime wickedness increased. Even though the desolations of the flood were still before their eyes, though they sprang from the seed of righteous Noah, still the sin nature drove them away from their dependence upon God.

The people determined to build a tower that would reach towards the heavens. Their intention was not to reach God but to make a name for themselves so that they might boast of a great wonder they had built. There in the plain of Shinar they built a city and in the city they began to build a tower to the heavens.

The Lord came to see the city they had built. And God saw that the people had become as one and nothing of their imagination was out of their reach. They were committed in their task and they had made bricks and secured them with slime as mortar. They were making good progress and the Lord determined that nothing could stop them but His divine power.

Again God took council with Himself and determined to confuse the language of men and destroy the monument that man was building to glorify himself. God confused their language and scattered the people over the face of the earth. The city was abandoned and the tower they attempted to build was called Babel.

This text comes from Babylonia itself, where a damaged inscription reads. “Babylon corruptly proceeded to sin, and both small and great mingled on the mound. All day they founded their stronghold, but in the night he put a complete stop to it. In his anger he also poured out his secret counsel to scatter them abroad, he set his face, he gave a command to make foreign their speech.”


This concludes are study of Genesis Part 1. We have seen the creation of the heavens and the earth. The creation of man in the image of God, and in the beginning man walked with God in the Garden of Eden. Man was in spiritual union with God and he was righteous before God, as man knew not disobedience towards God’s Will. Satan, who fell from Heaven, came down and with the twist of God’s truth deceived man into thinking he could be as God. Man disobeyed God and ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The spiritual union between man and God was broken by his disobedience of God’s Will. Man’s knowledge of good was that of goodness lost and his knowledge of evil was that of his fall into it and forever being drawn to it. In God’s judgment of Satan He promised that the seed of the woman would produce a savior that would crush his head and that in Satan’s final judgment he would forever be cast into the lake of fire. It was the promise of God that by His love, grace and mercy a plan of salvation would be formed by a chosen people of His own. That through this nation of God’s chosen people all nations would be blessed by God’s gospel message. Man now enslaved by his carnal sin nature continued to fall into wickedness and complete depravity to the point that God was sorrowful that He had created man. One man found favor with God and was faithful to God’s Word. God commissioned Noah to build the ark in order to escape the great flood which God would send in judgment of the sinful men of the earth. Noah was obedient to God’s command and he and his family, along with pairs of every living thing was saved from the great deluge. Even after the flood man continued by his nature to sin against God and God confused their language and scattered them across the face of the earth. This is a story of God’s love, God’s mercy, God’s justice, and God’s grace towards man.

Key Verses

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