101-105-Genesis Part 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The Generations from Adam to Noah

Adam and Eve had a third son who was given the name of Seth. Seth’s name means set, settled or placed. Another meaning is appointed. The name reflects a continuing faith of Adam and Eve that God had not forsaken them. God had given them another appointed them another son to fill the void left by the death of Able and the exile of Cain. Evil had brought tragedy into their lives but they were not left to hopelessness and despair. God showed His grace by giving them another son and a new found hope.

Adam and Eve had other children but it was Seth that would continue the bloodline to the promised Messiah. The distention of Seth is that his family maintained a worshipful relationship with God. Seth was the beginning of God’s chosen people the Israelites from whom all nations of the earth would be blessed.

As the family of Seth began to develop they began to worship God in a more intense way. Their worship was more than the elementary was of Cain and Able in their offerings. Beginning with Seth worship developed into and establish part of their life.

There were ten generations between Adam and Seth to Noah. There are two interesting points to make here. First as each generation produce many births it was no accident that Noah is a direct descendant of Seth. Throughout the generations God protected the bloodline of Seth and his descendants worshiped God. While the other families rebelled against God Seth’s descendants remained in their faith in God. The family of Seth was shaped by God, as He found and chose a faithful line of people with whom He could make a lasting covenant of fellowship.

Another interesting fact is the bible records the average life to 700 to 950 years. This average life span declines to 70 to 80 years by the time of psalmist. Questions arise if it was sin that caused the decline in the length of life. Or possibility the ancients used different unites of time to measure the life spans. We won’t really know until we reach the yonder shore but I take the bile at its word. If the bible record Methuselah’s life to be 969 years, then he lived 969 years.

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