100-100- The 12 Fundamentals of Christian Faith


Welcome to the 12 Fundamentals of the Christian Faith!

Thank you for enrolling in this online course to further your understanding and application of the Word of God. It is our goal at Durant Bible College to equip you with the knowledge and tools neccessary to make disciples, influence others and make and impact on this world.

This course can be completed in as little time as 12 weeks if worked on at a steady pace. By the end of the 12 weeks you will have a solid Biblical foundation in the Scriptures and understand important theological truths neccessary to understand the Bible.

You will find a PDF file with the reading assignments under the ‘LESSONS’ tab on the left side of the screen. After completing each unit of study, please take the Quiz that corresponds with each reading topic.

If you should need any help during this course, please contact me at ryan_grafton@me.com.

May God Bless you and use this course to draw you closer to Him.

Pastor Ryan Grafton
Durant Bible College

The Twelve Fundamentals of Christian Faith

1.    The Twelve Fundamentals of Christian Faith 2.    Jesus the only Way to Eternal Salvation
3.    Saved by Grace Through Faith – Not by Works 4.    Jesus Christ is the Son of God
5.    The Incarnation of Jesus Christ 6.    The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ
7.    The Ascension of Jesus Christ 8.    The Doctrine of the Trinity
9.    The Scriptures are the Inspired and Infallible Word of God 10.  Baptized by the Holy Spirit at the Moment of Salvation
11.  Regeneration by the Holy Spirit 12.  The Doctrine of Hell
13.  The Seconded Coming of Jesus Christ 14.

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