133-101 New Testament Survey


There are four ways to approach the study of the Bible. The Synthetic approach is an overview of the Bible and gives the reader a good grasp of the overall message. The second approach is Analytical and views the text verse by verse giving an in depth understanding. The Topical or Doctrinal approach is a study of the many pictures and doctrines found in the Bible and with a typical approach that focuses on the pictures and doctrines focusing on the Old Testament that portrays the truth of the New Testament.

The Synthetic approach is useful for the beginning Bible student who has never taken a deeper study of the Scriptures. Through the synthetic approach, we are not only able to grasp the big picture or see the whole forest, but such an overview will help in understanding the details later on in one’s study of the Bible.

New Testament Survey

1.    New Testament Survey Introduction 2.    New Testament Survey The Historical Books
3.    New Testament Survey The Pauline Epistles 4.    New Testament Survey The Prison Epistles
5.    New Testament Survey The Pastoral Epistles 6.    New Testament Survey The Non-Pauline Epistles

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