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Introduction to Hebrews

There is no clear authorship for the Letter to the Hebrews. Many over time have been assigned authorship but none have been confirmed. For many centuries the author was considered to be the Apostle Paul. The language use and style are not in conformity to the other writings of Paul. Paul always identified himself in all of his letters and the author of Hebrews lacks author identification and unlike Paul the letter was not authenticated by his personal signature. In the letters written by Paul he quoted the Old Testament in Hebrew translation where the writer of this letter quotes in the Greek translation.

Others named as possible writers are Barnabas who was the first to be advanced. Barnabas was in the circle of friends with Paul and was also acquainted with Timothy who He mentions in chapter 13:23. Barnabas was a Levite who came from Cyprus where Greek was spoken. It is most likely a coincidence that Barnabas was known as a “Son of Exhortation, (Acts 4:36), while the Letter is known as a “word of exhortation,” (Hebrews 13:22). The facts supporting Barnabas as the author are far from decisive.

Another possibility is Apollos. Apollos was a Jewish Christian from Alexandria who was well versed in the scriptures and spoke and taught accurately of the things concerning Jesus Christ. Other names that have suggested are Luke, Silas, Peter, Clement, Aristion, and Phillip. The truth of the ongoing debate of authorship is that only God knows by whose pen this letter was written.


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