100-102- Genesis Part 2


Genesis Part 2 is the story of Abraham a man called by God to leave his home and family and travel to a land that he knew not where. On faith Abraham answered that call at the age of 75 years and took his wife Sarah and Nephew Lot and began the amazing journey. God had promised that he would be the father of many nations and his descendants would be as the numbers of the stars. On faith Abraham journeyed to the land of Canaan, the Promised Land, but he would not possess it. It was a land promised to his children of many generations later. At the age of 100 he fathered a son named Isaac from his barren wife Sarah.
We also hear the story of Isaac and his son named Jacob who was latter named Israel, the name of the nation of God’s choosing. This is a story of trials and tribulations but the players Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob remained faithful to a God of faith,
Part 2 ends with the birth of Jacobs’s twelfth son Joseph.

Genesis Part 2

1.   101-112-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 12 2.    101-113-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 13
3.    101-114-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 14 4.    101-115-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 15
5.    101-116-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 16 6.    101-117-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 17
7.    101-118-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 18 8.    101-119-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 19
9.    101-120-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 20 10. 101-121-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 21
11. 101-122-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 22 12. 101-124-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 24
13.  101-125-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 25 14. 101-126-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 26
15.  101-127-Genesis Part 2 Chapter 27  16.

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