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Simon, who Jesus later named “Cephas” (Aramaic word for stone, the same as Peter in the Greek) because of his strong faith, was considered highly by Jesus and the other apostles. He has also found favor in the minds of many bible students who can relate to him. He, seemingly was more like an ordinary Christian than most, or at least his actions and ways are expressed so in the scriptures.

Peter, a rough and tumble man whose emotions often got him into trouble, and yet he was clearly one of the favorites of Jesus Christ, who loved him for his big heart. The Bible’s speech is very frank and never attempts to conceal the weakness of sin in the characters of those of high repute and standing in the sight of God. An example would be David who God said was “a man after mine own heart”, (Acts 13:22) yet there are a number of sins pointed out in scripture that were committed by David. Neither are the sins of Peter hidden from the scriptures.

Peter was from Galilee and the son of a fisherman named Jonah. Peter, his brother Andrew and their father owned their own boat and worked in partnership with a man named Zebedee. Zebedee had two sons named James and John. These two men along with Peter and Andrew were chosen to become apostles to Jesus Christ.

Peter is probably most remembered for his walk on the water and his denial of Jesus. As a person we all fit with Peter between the two ends of this spectrum. At some point in our life we have denied Jesus. Either we have openly denied Jesus as Peter or by a lack of obedience to His Word.

1 Peter

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